Quarterly Chapter Meeting

Monday, July 13th at 7:00 p.m. is our quarterly chapter meeting at Blankets Creek. Join us to discuss happenings in the chapter. Food provided.  

Van Michael Time Trial Results

Apologies to everyone for the long wait for the results. We had some computer issues that delayed them. We will be announcing the next time trial in the series soon.

Avery Glass 0:18:41
Jake Smith 0:19:19
Tim Mondor (Lap 2) 0:19:50
Tristen Chaffer 0:19:58
Tim Mondor (Lap 1) 0:20:05
Brad Wilmert 0:20:25
Chadd Nolan 0:21:06
John Leblanc 0:21:50
Joshua Dumford (Lap 1) 0:21:53
Shane Dyndur 0:22:16
Geoff Peplau 0:22:19
Tristen Francis 0:22:22
Joshua Dumford (Lap 2) 0:23:10
Skip Wall 0:23:19
Tucker Judd 0:23:45
Josh Bowden 0:23:53
Ladd Dunwoody 0:24:13
Elenn Carroll 0:24:14
Dennis Meqedyuk (Lap 1) 0:24:31
Stefanie Gore 0:26:10
Dennis Meqedyuk (Lap 2) 0:27:09
Eddie Brooks 0:27:55
John Kendall 0:28:00
Lonnie Peplau 0:29:15
Jim Rainey 0:34:19

Social Ride July 11th

Our monthly social ride is July 11th at Blankets Creek (10:00 a.m.).  All levels of riders welcome.  Join us for a nice ride and food after.  Bring your bike gear and water.  Please see the event on our SORBA Woodstock Social Facebook page for details and to RSVP.