An Open Letter to Blankets Creek and Rope Mill Riders from Jay Wilkes – President of SORBA Woodstock

What would happen if Blankets Creek and Rope Mill was closed for mountain biking?

That may sound like a horrible doomsday message, but there is a possibility that the SORBA Woodstock Chapter could see this one day if scenarios occurred. From failure to obtain required insurance liability for the club to Washington politicians turning their backs on the sport altogether, it could happen. While we have a good core of local volunteers who provide the stewardship and sweat equity on the backs of all the riders, none of that matters without insurance liability and pro-bike federal policies. Without a certain number of required memberships a year, our chapter will lose its chapter status. No Chapter = No Insurance. No Insurance = No Trails at Blankets or Rope Mill.

The key to avoid this is simply by donating $35 a year to obtain a SORBA Woodstock chapter membership through IMBA. The $35 a year goes on to protect us in three (3) equal parts: 1/3 for insurance, 1/3 for lobbyists in Washington, and 1/3 for chapter funds. That’s it. By joining and renewing annually, you ensure your trails are protected from frivolous lawsuits, we are assured of having advocates in Washington, and you help fund SORBA Woodstock. Funding SORBA Woodstock means we can build and maintain trails, we can buy supplies/tools to work on the trails, and we can offer social events. The $35 is also tax deductible, which means it is even less than $35 to protect your local trails.

The Blankets Creek and Rope Mill trail systems see well over 100,000+ visitors annually. Of all that ridership, only a small fraction are members of SORBA Woodstock. Most of you who love the sport of mountain biking and see the absolute value of your local trails would love to come help, but life is busy! Kids, jobs, weekend commitments, etc. get in the way of being able to work Saturday trail work parties or give sizable donations to fund projects. The EASIEST, MOST IMPACTFUL thing you can do to protect your trails for future generations is to purchase and renew a $35 annual membership to SORBA Woodstock. It’s that important.

So come on, how much did you spend on your bike? How much do you spend on gas a week to get to your trails? $35 is really nothing. Having a membership is the best way to say “I’m In” and “I Care.”
Please go to the IMBA-SORBA membership link below and join/renew today!…

As always, thank you for your support—we couldn’t do this (literally) without you!

Jay Wilkes
President – SORBA Woodstock

Shopping with Amazon Smile to Benefit SORBA Woodstock

Did you know that you can donate to charities while shopping on Amazon?  It's easy.  Just search Amazon Smile, log into your account.  Choose SORBA Woodstock as the recipient of your donation, and your shopping will benefit our trails!  Just make sure you go into Amazon Smile each time instead of regular Amazon.  You can bookmark the location once you add us as the beneficiary of your donation.  Thank you!