Shopping with Amazon Smile to Benefit SORBA Woodstock

Did you know that you can donate to charities while shopping on Amazon?  It's easy.  Just search Amazon Smile, log into your account.  Choose SORBA Woodstock as the recipient of your donation, and your shopping will benefit our trails!  Just make sure you go into Amazon Smile each time instead of regular Amazon.  You can bookmark the location once you add us as the beneficiary of your donation.  Thank you!

Night Ride at Blankets


Join us for a Halloween themed night ride. We will meet in the parking lot at 7:00 then hit the trails. Dress up if the mood strikes you and bring your own cauldron of your choice. We'll have snacks, music, fun after the ride. This is not for a beginner. You should be comfortable riding Dwelling. If you do not have a light, post on this event thread or on the social page, so maybe another rider can help.